Chic Overload – Close up

Well i have been looking around for decent fashion blogs to devour and mooch from. I found this one guy who seems to have a delectable sense of style. HE runs a blog called CHIC OVERLOAD and he’s only 19. He lives in SoHo and i think he’s pretty stylish. I used one of his pictures in an earlier post called Guys With Style. He’s not a vintage fashion addict like CaliVintage or Avant Blargh but he’s good none the less. So i decided to post an outfit that has caught my eye that he’s sported.

Here We GO!

   topman ltd shirt, topman jacket, levis jeans, topman boots, rayban glasses



2 responses to “Chic Overload – Close up

  1. This is amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this faster.

    I’m pretty much obsessed with your blog too.



    • Thanks so much : ) I’m extremely flattered! I’m overcome with shock : ) it means a lot

      X – Anne

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