Solange Knowles is the new face of Madewell!! This is a match made in fashion heaven, simply because of Solange’s brilliant yet quirky and eclectic style, and the style of clothing that Madewell offers. Solange has been making her mark on the fashion industry, and in retail for the last few years. She can no longer be referenced to in the belittling manner as “Beyonce’s little sister” because she is so much more than that. So that’s the end of that, okay? Knowles look flawless and fabulous in both the pictures and the promotional video as she plays with prints, dons over-sized sunglasses and hats, and shows off her orange pinkish lipstick. After watching the video it is clear that Solange fits the brand’s aesthetic perfectly.


Image via Styleite


Image via


Image via

Image via The Fash Pack

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